Unique product configuration
For companies from the automotive sector

  • 3D product visualization
  • Guided-Selling
  • Intuitive modeling even without product knowledge
  • Mastery of complex products
  • Integration of further systems e.g. CRM, ERP, ...
  • Offline-capable Mobile Client (also as App)


Create your product step-by-step with the intuitive configuration interface.


Map product variants and dependencies intuitively, even without programming knowledge.


Create your complete product with just a few clicks.


With M.Sales you can support your sales optimally.

An extraordinary experience for your customers
In the twinkling of an eye to your dream vehicle

Customers today want unique shopping experiences. They want to configure their dream vehicle quickly and intuitively. CAS Configurator Merlin checks in seconds whether a selected configuration is technically feasible.

A 3D visualization also makes the configured vehicle tangible, enabling customers to see more quickly whether the configured product really meets their expectations.

More freedom for your sales force
The right offer at the touch of a button

CAS Configurator Merlin sets new standards in product presentation and makes configured vehicles tangible.
Sales staff already offer suitable variants at the push of a button during customer talks.
The system checks whether the selected configuration is technically feasible.
The key feature: The app makes the configuration options of a truck visible in 3D on the iPad, bundles all documents in one place and functions offline.

A profitable team
Product and customer data in one solution

The CAS Configurator Merlin can be combined with other systems such as the CRM solution CAS genesisWorld.
This leads to an improvement in a seamless sales and quotation process and even better fulfillment of individual customer wishes.

The central database, which contains all information on customers and their machines, is the basis here.
It ensures a simple exchange of all data - across departments and companies.